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  A 35min BBC TV Documentary featured the success of our Course 

BBC TV 'QED' Documentary : 'Stammering Cured - Andrew R Bell'

As a result of several magazine articles being published during 1983 about the success of my course, BBC Television's Science & Features Department becoming aware of my work in successfully enabling a cure for stammering.

Prior to BBC Television deciding to film my course for an entire 'QED' TV Documentary, the course had to undergo a thorough, rigorous, in-depth investigation over a period of 18 months - to establish the genuine effectiveness of the course and expose any possible flaws.         Also, I was thoroughly vetted through many interviews and subsequent rigorous discussions, to ensure that I was genuine and not a fraud.

The investigation initially involved journalists, then latterly BBC TV Programme Planners and Producers - who attended 3 of my courses to observe the results, and talked to attendees before and after the course - as well as interviewing them later to hear about their continued success upon returning home.

Following this, a BBC researcher carried out a comprehensive survey of other available courses and treatments for stammering in the UK (including intensive speech therapy courses) - the outcome of which revealed that the success of my course was unrivalled.

Finally, Executives from BBC Television's Science & Features Dept flew in from London to witness the course at first hand, and even joined us for the celebratory evening meal at the end of the course.  They were so impressed by the outcome, that a decision was made by the BBC to commission a feature Documentary Film about the success of my course.

The bottom line is, that BBC Television would not have committed themselves to financing a film documentary about our course, if it was phoney or unsuccessful in dealing with stammering - as the main reason for making the film for their 'QED' programme series, was to inform the World that a Cure was now available - which was amply displayed in the film.

During the filming of the course, the film director was unhappy at the fact that the course attendees were no longer stammering after the morning of the 1st day - so on Day 2 she requested that some attendees be interviewed on camera away from my influence - and proceeded to carry out this filmed interview in a hostile environment - half-way round a golf course in wind and pouring rain - in an effort to provoke some stammering in order to provide 'good television'.  Unfortunately for the director, the course members were so determined to succeed that they adhered to the course teachings and answered all questions completely stammer-free and fluently!  Later in the course, further attempts were made by the director to pressurise the course members into stammering - including being filmed whilst telephoning home - but everyone just kept enjoying their new-found fluency, much to the director's dismay.

The BBC had asked that the course be one day longer than usual, to allow for: setting up film equipment, re-takes of scenes, close-ups and interviews - so the final day of the course was long and tiring for the attendees and the TV film crew - from the early morning start to cover the normal activities of the last day, filming went on late into the night to capture the euphoric atmosphere of the course members celebrating the happy ending to a remarkable and memorable week - as well as their presentation of a silver 'thank you' trophy to Andrew Bell.

Although this course took place in Kirkcaldy, a few weeks later there was further filming of the course attendees in London's Victoria & Albert Museum, and in Londonderry, Northern Ireland, which provided a further insight into the course for the television viewing public.

In May 1985 the Television Documentary, entitled 'Stammering Cured - Andrew R. Bell', was transmitted on BBC 1 in the 'QED' series. This film has since been transmitted by television companies in countries outwith the UK including America and Canada.  In June 1992, our course was featured in the television programme 'Speaking Out' on BBC 2.

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BBC TV 'QED' Documentary

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